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Landing page
To create landing page in eMotto doesn't require high level of technical skills. It's easy and quick to design. You can drag the contents, image or video and resize them. It also allow to edit forms & CTA button as per different requirements.
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Send and Share
Once you design your landing page, you can send it to your contacts and share it to social media sites. You can capture the leads, follow up all of them and manage campaigns via our auto response feature.
Track, Analyse & Act
In eMotto, you can track your campaigns. You can analyse how many have opened sent emails, Clicked the links or downloaded, un-opened, bounced or went to spasm. This will allow you to set auto response rules
eMotto is the smartest way of Marketing Automation. It's easy to set up without technical skills. You don't require a marketing consultant to design a marketing strategy.  Just drag your details and create a stunning Landing page and ready to go.

eMotto will manage your campaigns, send emails, capture leads, follow up clients, assess success, collect surveys, and acknowledge them independently.
eMotto is proactive and the fastest in operation. It manages multiple tasks without any errors and records all ongoing activities storing them in the cloud. You can access the clients' data or campaign's report from anywhere, anytime and any device. It doesn't require to download.
eMotto saves your time, space and paperwork. You don't need anymore to worry about data corrupt, system errors or safety of your files.
The importance of this project
         The idea of eMotto marketing software is to offer a complete solution for all marketing demands. eMotto is user-friendly, easy to operate and need not require any IT knowledge to use. As eMotto is cloud-based, and need not require downloading, it can be operated from anywhere, anytime and any device. It's lower cost, multi-task & flawless operation, and real-time messaging services, give eMotto a competitive advantage over others. In short eMotto is all in one for marketing needs.
            eMotto is useful for businesses, network marketing companies, writers, publishers, healthcare professionals, tutors, solicitors, immigration consultants, accountants, political parties, community service providers, NGOs, bloggers, vloggers, and any marketers.

Pricing options
    1. eMotto Basic
    2. eMotto Silver
    3. eMotto Golden

    £ 50/ Year or        £5/ Month
    £ 100/ Year or   £  10/ Month
    £200/ Year or £20/ Month

The Impact of eMotto
   eMotto is valuable for the contributors, shareholders and to the world.
     Users can save money, time and space through eMotto.
     Also, for them, there is No need;
        to own a website,
        or domain,
        or hosting,
        or hiring a developer to maintain,
        or hiring a marketing consultant to design marketing strategy,
        or investment to buy landing page creator, bulk emailing software, text and messaging services, invoice & payment service etc.
        SEO optimisation.
        Successful track record of the owner with other projects like this (
        The director of Urenus Global Ltd and innovator of eMotto, Mr. Masi has provided a business consultancy service for the development of CRM software to automate business processing. This software is popular due to its easy, and user-friendly operationality. To experience its amazing features and competitiveness over another CRM, you can sign up it for free here;

ABOUT eMotto

We are working hard to launch innovative eMotto, a Cloud-based Automated Marketing Software.
eMotto is cloud-based automated marketing software. eMotto provides all marketing features in the single platform such as; -Landing page creation, -Search Engine Optimisation, -Real-time text alerts and emailing. -Import, manage and categorise contacts, -Design the workflow and set autoresponders, -Run marketing campaigns, -Generate leads, -Receive payment or donation and -Track the success rate. It doesn't require downloading and can be accessed from anywhere, anytime and any device.

Why eMotto is innovative?
eMotto is Cloud-based. It allows users to access from anywhere, anytime and from any device.
Also, It will save time, space and money. It is auto responsive, fully integrated and records ongoing activities in cloud.
All-in-one & integration of multi-functions in a single platform allow all marketing activities from the eMotto platform without leaving it.
Contact management, appointment booking and invoicing features offer competitive advantage.
Error-free operation and simple processing increase the chances of success, its effectiveness and at the end beneficial to users.

Market Opportunity in SMEs & Unemployed sectors for eMotto;
There are between 0121 605 2983 million micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) in emerging markets: 25-30 million are formal SMEs; 55-70 million are formal micro enterprises; and 0121 605 2983 million are informal enterprises according to World Bank Group study.
Also rising Global unemployment rate is a big pull to exploit for certain project. Global unemployment was 208 million in 2015 and rising year after years.

Short Summary
There is no thumb rule, how much a company should invest in marketing. However, every company allocates a budget for marketing. Newer company or products require a higher budget for marketing than established company and existing products.
Marketing requires a huge percentage of revenue, and some companies allocate up to 50% of revenue. Marketing consultant demands four figure to design a strategy. The cost of website, domain registration, web hosting, and maintenance goes into three to four figures yearly. Landing page, lead generation, bulk email marketing, Search Engine Optimisation, contact management, invoicing and payment softwares also incur a considerable amount of cost to businesses. To find correct services providers is also one of the most painful tasks and it requires plenty of time and money.
Therefore, eMotto emerged as a solution to all marketing problems. eMotto made this possible offering single platform, integrating all above-mentioned features. Not only that, eMotto infuses seeds of profitability through saving time, money and space, increasing speed and security and lessening business and operational risks.
eMotto's cloud-based technology will store all ongoing activities in the cloud and makes marketing activities paperless, and risk-free from the damage of computer hardware, data corrupt or system errors.
eMotto does all these, in less expense.

    About Owner and his background.
       Maqbool Masi, is an entrepreneur, engineer, and MBA, who has  long work experience in the industry in various fields with world's one of the biggest multinational company. Currently, He is a director of Urenus Global Ltd, which provides consultancy to businesses to automate business processing.

He is an author of a book 'Causes of Insolvencies in large businesses'. (This book has been published with different titles by different publishers in many languages). He is an expert in online marketing, e-commerce, new product design, and development. He always passionate about finding the ways where people can utilise available resources in lesser expense.

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